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Postgraduate Admissions


College membership

Details captured within this section of the Graduate Application Form enable Colleges to enrol successful applicants based on their suitability and the college preferences selected.

If you do not select a College preference, your College will automatically be assigned to you by a College allocator.

If you are already a member of a College and have chosen a different College as your number one preference, it is advised to contact your current College to notify them.

It is important to note that your College preferences, regardless of whether you wish to switch Colleges, will not be taken into consideration during the academic assessment of your application.

For more information on Colleges and their role within the University of Cambridge, see the Colleges webpage on the Graduate Admissions website.

If you have a disability and would like to know about the accessibility of each of the Colleges, you are advised to check the 'Access in Colleges' page on the Disability Resource Centre website.


First College preference

Using the information available on the Colleges section of the Graduate Admissions website, as well as the Colleges' individual websites, select the College that you would most like to be a member of from the drop-down. Upon submission of the application form and acceptance to the course you have applied for, your application will be sent to this College to be judged in terms of suitability by the College.

Once you have been assigned a College, you will be notified.

Success rates of those who become a member of their preferred College vary, but it is important to note that you are in no way guaranteed to be accepted by your first or, if you have one, your second choice College.


Second College preference

Those who are not accepted by their preferred College will have their application sent to the College selected as their second preference.

Please note, leaving the second College preference drop-down blank will not increase your chances of being accepted by your first choice.

If you were not accepted by your first or second choice College, your membership will be auto-assigned by the College allocator.


Are you already a member of a University of Cambridge College?

If you have ever been a member of a College at the University of Cambridge before, you benefit from being a member of that College for life.


Please select the College that you are a member of

If you are already a member of a College, you can indicate which College here.

If you are already a member of a College and did not select it as your first or second preference, you will not automatically be considered by this College.


If your queries have not been answered, please check the Graduate Admissions Office applicant FAQs.

If your query has still not been answered, please contact the Graduate Admissions Office directly using the contact form.