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Postgraduate Study


Cambridge is a great place to be a student! Students make up about a fifth of the city’s overall population and there’s lots going on within the University and Colleges too. 

Headshot of Vareesh, SU President (Postgraduate) Welcome from the Cambridge SU (Students' Union)

Cambridge University provides the perfect environment to turn your dreams into reality. Having experienced a vibrant year here, I have found that Cambridge fosters an exceptionally welcoming culture and a strong foundation for those aiming to make a positive impact on the world.

At Cambridge, individuals with inspiring journeys from all over the world converge, united by a shared spirit to excel. Our dedicated academic staff take their role very seriously, guiding students to achieve remarkable feats in their chosen paths. Beyond studies, there are almost 600 societies for students to take part in.

Cambridge places great value on diversity and inclusion, supporting individuals from all backgrounds. There is lots of support available to students during their academic pursuits, including the Cambridge Students’ Union.

As a first-generation and low-income student, I was encouraged to take chances and challenge the status quo. During my time at Cambridge, I realised that every single moment was unforgettable.

Vareesh Pratap
Cambridge SU President (Postgraduate)

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There are many really high-quality events going on within the student community. There is never a shortage of things to do!

Karen, PhD in Biological Sciences at the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology