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Postgraduate Study


There’s lots going on within the University and Colleges, and with students accounting for about a fifth of the city’s overall population, Cambridge is a great place to be a student!

Photo of Alessandro Ceccarelli, GU President Welcome from the Cambridge SU (Students' Union)

Cambridge is certainly a unique and truly memorable experience. Coming from a different university for my undergraduate, my preconceptions were challenged to what postgraduate study could look like.

My love of my topic was supported by an amazing supervisor, who shared my passion for the environment and climate. Moreover, I have met so many inspiring and dedicated people in this beautiful city who love to share their interests too - there is a strong postgraduate community in which I have found some of my closest friends.

Whether you are embarking on a Master’s or PhD, I have no doubt that you will find joy and innumerable possibilities to learn, grow, and just have fun. Cambridge is full of unexpected opportunities, don’t be afraid to seize them.

Amelia Jabry
Cambridge SU President (Postgraduate)

There are many really high-quality events going on within the student community. There is never a shortage of things to do!

Karen, PhD in Biological Sciences at the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology