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Postgraduate Admissions


Portal for applicants wishing to study part-time

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Part-time Study

Our part-time programmes offer a more flexible way to study for a research degree at the University of Cambridge - meaning you can fit your studies around your career and other commitments.

Part-time study can be ideal for those who are looking to gain a postgraduate qualification without leaving employment and wish to develop their careers while they continue earning, or for those who are home-based and wish to develop their skills.

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Part-time Research Degrees

In addition to the standard minimum entrance requirements, there are other requirements to fulfil if you wish to study part-time:

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Institute of Continuing Education (ICE)

MSts and part-time Postgraduate Certificates and Diplomas

The Institute of Continuing Education (ICE) offers opportunities for further study, on a part-time basis. It offers a range of credit and non-credit programmes, qualifications and education designed for anyone who wishes to extend their initial study, update their knowledge and skills or to undertake career development or change.

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Entry Requirements

The requirements specified in this section are the minimum requirements for postgraduate admission to the University. Some departments may set higher academic or language requirements. Please consult the Course Directory for full information on each course’s requirements.

If you are from an English-speaking country, there are three key requirements:

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Supporting Documents For Part-Time Applicants


Please note that referees will be asked to comment on your ability to manage different responsibilities simultaneously.

Letter From Employer

You will need to provide a letter from your employer (if you have any) confirming that you may have time off, if necessary and as required, to attend the University for the whole duration of your course. This will be required for part-time study only. It is generally not permitted to remain in employment whilst studying full time at Cambridge.

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Part-time Fees

As a part-time research student you will be charged a reduced University Composition Fee for each year of your course. In order to be admitted to your course you must provide evidence of an ability to cover the University Composition Fee for the entire duration of the course.

You are not required to show evidence of maintenance costs but you should make provision for travel and accommodation expenses at various times during your course.

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