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Postgraduate Study


As a part-time research student you'll be charged a reduced University Composition Fee for each year of your course.

In order to be admitted to your course, you must provide evidence of your ability to cover the University Composition Fee for the entire duration of the course.

You are not required to show evidence of maintenance costs but you should make provision for travel and accommodation expenses at various times during your course.

Part-time PhD, MSc, MLitt, CPGS

For the part-time PhD, MSc, MLitt and CPGS the fee is 60% per annum of the full-time University Composition Fee.

Part-time MPhil

For the part-time MPhil, taken over two years, the fee is 50% per annum of the full-time University Composition Fee.

MSts and part-time Postgraduate Certificates and Diplomas

For MSt degrees and part-time postgraduate certificates and diplomas the fees vary depending on the course; please refer to the ICE MSt Course Directory and the ICE Part-time Postgraduate Award Course Directory for further information.

Part-time Portal

This page is part of the portal for Part-time Applicants