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Postgraduate Admissions


Before you are admitted to study at the University of Cambridge, we require evidence that you will be able to cover the minimum maintenance requirement for your course. The cost of living can be expensive in Cambridge and we don’t want you to have financial difficulty by not having the funds to support yourself throughout the duration of the course.

We will provide you with an absolute minimum estimate of your likely basic living costs and personal expenses. Your maintenance sum is budgeted to cover rent/accommodation, food, domestic bills, books, travel around Cambridge, personal computer equipment etc. There may also be other additional costs, eg fieldwork costs, additional bench fees, or equipment costs; these will be noted against each course.

Many research students continue their course into a fourth year and we would recommend that your budget reflects this possibility although you will not be required to provide financial evidence should you overrun. The maintenance sum required in your offer does not include travel to and from Cambridge.

Non-UK settling-in figure

This is an additional cost added to the minimum maintenance sum for overseas students to cover the costs of settling in or travel.


Additional provision for accompanying dependants should be made in accordance with the figures in the maintenance calculator. These figures are minimum amounts per academic year with no reduction offered for a shorter course.

The financial condition specified in your offer letter takes account of your statement about accompanying dependants in your application form. Scholarships do not usually provide maintenance for dependants. You may not bring additional dependants to Cambridge before evidence of the extra financial support required has been supplied and the consent of your College obtained.


The cost of childcare in Cambridge is extremely high. Full-time nursery care for pre-school children costs around £10,000 per child per year, and after-school clubs for children of school age cost around £2,000 per child per year. These costs are in addition to the figures requested for your financial guarantee.

Other costs

If you undertake a course involving expensive laboratory materials, you may be expected to contribute towards the cost of your research (in addition to the University Composition Fee). You can find information about this by visiting the finance tab on your course page in the Course Directory. Some courses may involve extra costs for special elements such as conference visits or field trips. Please check the course application information to find out if you will need to make additional provision for this. Please note: the payment for these course costs is arranged through your department, not the Student Registry or the College.

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