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Postgraduate Admissions


Portal for applicants bringing a family

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Student Unions

Postgraduate students at Cambridge are supported by two Student Unions – Cambridge University Students’ Union (CUSU) and the Graduate Union (GU), which represent student interests and ensure student’s voices are heard in decision making processes at the University.

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Childcare Office

The Childcare Office oversees the facilities and assistance offered to University staff and students with children.

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Accommodation Service

Although many full-time postgraduate students are housed by their Colleges (either within the College grounds or in postgraduate hostels or flats), few Colleges can house all their student members. There can be a strong demand for suitable private rented accommodation in Cambridge but the Accommodation Service is available to offer friendly and helpful advice on housing.

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Before you are admitted to study at the University of Cambridge, we require evidence that you will be able to cover the minimum maintenance requirement for your course. The cost of living can be expensive in Cambridge and we don’t want you to have financial difficulty by not having the funds to support yourself throughout the duration of the course.