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Postgraduate Study


Choral Awards for Graduate Students

Graduate students play an important role in many College choirs, and are encouraged to apply for Choral Awards through the Intercollegiate Scheme. For further details please see Choral awards | Undergraduate Study ( This document also answers some questions commonly asked by graduate applicants.

Organ Scholarships for Graduate Students

A significant number of Cambridge Colleges offer Organ Scholarships through the Intercollegiate Organ Trials, which take place each September, operating as a formal part of the Undergraduate Admissions process. As such, the scheme itself is not open to postgraduate applicants; however, in circumstances where a participating College is unable to fill an organ scholarship vacancy at the Organ Trials, such Colleges welcome approaches from suitably qualified prospective graduate students to audition on an ad hoc basis for an Organ Scholarship at that College. If you are interested in applying for an Organ Scholarship in this way, please contact the Co-ordinator of the Organ Scholarship Scheme, Mr Andrew Arthur.

For further general information about the role of College Organ Scholars in the various participating Colleges, please visit here.

The Instrumental Awards for Chamber Music Scheme

The Instrumental Awards for Chamber Music Scheme promotes chamber music amongst students of the University. It is an intercollegiate scheme which is open to undergraduates and graduates at all Colleges.

Award-holders comprise the finest chamber musicians from across the University, many of whom will follow in the footsteps of their predecessors to pursue professional careers as performers of chamber music. Students audition for coveted places at the beginning of each academic year and are placed in groups to work together for the remainder of the year.

The Scheme not only provides Award-holders with financial assistance of up to £200 towards individual instrumental lessons, but also regular group coaching from leading specialist chamber musicians. The groups perform regularly, which is invaluable for students’ musical and personal development, and as a chamber group.

For further details please visit Instrumental Awards for Chamber Music | Undergraduate Study (

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