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Postgraduate Study


Estimate how much it will cost you to study at Cambridge, find up-to-date funding information and learn about the financial commitments you will need to make. 

Your finances at Cambridge can be broken down into the following areas:

Before we can admit you to the Univeristy, you will be asked to complete a PDF Financial Undertaking Form to demonstrate that you can cover all costs for the entire duration of your course, including any possible over-runs. A number of general and course-specific funding opportunities exist to help you meet this commitment.

The financial requirements discussed across this website are always minimum costs.

Things to consider...

Estimating your costs for longer studentships: if your course is longer than 12 months you will need to take into account probable annual increases in all expenses, at least in line with inflation. If you are an international student you should also account for possible fluctuations in currency exchange rates.

Working while studying: There are certain expectations and regulations around working, depending on your circumstances. Learn about working while studying from the Cambridge Students website.

Taking a break: If you take a break from your studies (“intermit”) or are removed from the Student Register and then return to study, you may have to pay a higher University Composition Fee.

Non-payment: If you don’t pay your fees to your College, this constitutes grounds for removal from the Student Register and withdrawal from your course.

Integrity of your application: If we consider that that you submitted the Financial Undertaking Form in bad faith, the College may recommend that you are removed from the Student Register and you will have to withdraw from your course.

Part of the reason why I chose to apply to Cambridge is the multiple funding opportunities available.

Dorien, PhD in Veterinary Medicine