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Postgraduate Study


If you're studying at another institution and would like to undertake supervised research at the University of Cambridge but not register for a degree, you may be able to come to Cambridge as a visiting student.

How to apply as a visiting student

Apply via the Department

If you're interested in joining Cambridge as a visiting student, you should contact the department where you're interested in undertaking research.

The majority of visiting students are admitted by the department, which will have its own application process and forms and may charge a fee for the duration of your visit.

The maximum period of time you can register for as a visiting student is one year. Applications to visit for more than a year need to be approved by the Postgraduate Committee, once accepted by the department.

Apply via the Applicant Portal

Some visiting students may be required to apply formally for admission via the Applicant Portal. This applies to students who:

  • require College affiliation
  • are transferring with a supervisor from another institution and are required to remain registered there, but also want formal recognition that they're visiting at Cambridge (rather than the informal department registration)
  • are receiving a scholarship as a visiting student (eg Commonwealth Scholarship Council (CSC)) and require formal registration as a visiting student for funding purposes
  • would like a formal transcript at end of their period of visiting study

Students who fall into one of the categories above will be liable to pay the University Composition fee - equivalent to the PhD fee in that department.