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Postgraduate Study


3-4-1 payment scheme

Some Masters courses in the Postgraduate School of Life Sciences (PSLS) with a large research component, are part of a scheme that enables three applications to be made on payment of a single application fee. Eligible courses are listed below.

You can apply for up to three courses from the scheme with the same term of admission and you will only be charged for your first application.

You will be charged per application for:

  • any additional application over and above the three stated
  • any application for a term of admission other than the one specified in the first eligible course applied for
  • any course not included within the scheme

Assuming course deadlines have not passed, there is no prescribed time period or time limit within which multiple applications must be made. You will not be able to make an application after the relevant closing date has passed.

For every application made, you will need to complete an online application and submit documentation as requested. Online information and documentation cannot be transferred by the University from one application to another. 

Eligible courses