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Postgraduate Study


Gates Cambridge References

If you wish to be considered for an award from Gates Cambridge, you must provide the details of an additional referee, who can provide a character reference.

Wherever possible, references should be submitted via our online Referee Portal as described in our guidance for academic references.

Your Gates referee should be someone who knows you personally and who has the requisite experience and standing to assess your personal achievements and capacities, as well as your academic qualities.

In many cases this could be an appropriate academic at your current or previous university. In the absence of an academic, a current or previous employer may also be appropriate.

Your Gates referee must not be a friend or family relation. You should notify your referees immediately once you decide to apply to Cambridge so that they can start to prepare your references.

A Gates reference is not required for awards other than the Gates Cambridge Scholarships.

Funding Letter

If you have already applied for a scholarship and the awarding body has written to you, please upload the letter offering you funding.