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Postgraduate Study


The University of Cambridge treats the possibility of admissions fraud seriously and the admissions team is expert and experienced in fraud detection.

All academic documents submitted by an applicant electronically are checked to ensure they are legitimate before an offer is confirmed. Once students arrive in Cambridge, we select a sample whose original, hard-copy documents are re-examined. The identity and legitimacy of all referees is also checked.

Unfortunately, every year we detect applicants who have submitted fake or altered academic documents, fake references, or other false or misleading information.

The University takes robust action against applicants in such cases. If we find that fake documents or false information has been submitted, we will withdraw the application and any others made by the same person. If this is discovered after the individual has matriculated at the University, we are able to terminate their studies. We will immediately withdraw an application from an individual who has been found to have submitted a false or misleading application in any of the preceding five years.

When investigating potential fraud, we may disclose application data to third parties.