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Course closed:

Genomic Medicine is no longer accepting new applications.


The MRes in Genomic Medicine is a one-year (12-month) full-time Master’s degree of the University of Cambridge. The MRes in Genomic Medicine is composed of both research and taught elements that contribute to the overall assessment of the degree.

Taught element:

Students must undertake three compulsory modules in the Michaelmas term to prepare them for conducting Genomic Medicine research. These modules may comprise “An introduction to human genomics”, “Bioinformatics”, and “Research and statistical skills” or similar modules announced by the Degree Committee for the Faculties of Clinical Medicine and Veterinary Medicine no later than the end of the Easter Term preceding the examination. Students must submit an assignment of 2,500 to 3,500 words or equivalent to complete these modules. 

Research element:

Students undertake a 10-month research project in genomic medicine or a genomic medicine related topic under the supervision of a principal investigator. For each project, the student shall spend the first month preparing a literature review and project proposal, followed by nine months in the host environment to complete a piece of research and write the associated dissertation.


Each module is composed of approximately 30 hours of teaching consisting of lectures and practical classes. Students receive one supervision per assignment for each module. The content of the taught modules complements the research elements of the course, and the completion of research work shall take place in an uninterrupted span of 9 months to enable a high-quality piece of work to be completed.

One to one supervision

Students will be appointed an academic supervisor who will meet with the student weekly during the duration of their research project.

The University of Cambridge publishes an annual Code of Practice which sets out the University’s expectations regarding supervision.

The supervisor will provide written feedback to the student each term with progress reports submitted online. The feedback will relate to the student's progress and include a specific comment on their research project. This will be discussed with the student in advance of the submission of the report to the University.


Students will be expected to attend up to 80 hours of lectures. 


Students will be expected to complete 10 hours of practicals / workshops. 

Small group teaching

Students will be expected to attend at least six small group teaching sessions.


The University of Cambridge publishes an annual Code of Practice which sets out the University’s expectations regarding supervision.

Each student is allocated a named supervisor, who will meet regularly with the student to discuss progress and provide feedback and support as required.  Written supervision reports are accessed via the online feedback and reporting system. Students are given feedback on the assessments conducted at the end of each module. 

All students will meet with the programme director on a termly basis to discuss progress and to provide their feedback on the course.


Thesis / Dissertation

Competency to do research (research element) 

(a) a dissertation of not more than 30,000 words in total, exclusive of tables, footnotes, bibliography, and appendices, summarising the candidate's research project(s) and of a form approved and published annually in the Easter Term before the commencement of the course by the Degree Committee for the Faculties of Clinical Medicine and Veterinary Medicine. The dissertation shall provide evidence to satisfy the Examiners that a candidate can design and carry out an original investigation, assess and interpret the results obtained, and place the work in the wider perspective of the subject;

(b) an oral examination on the work submitted by the candidate and on the general field of knowledge within which such work falls.

The research element is worth 70% of the total assessment of the degree. 


The scheme of examination for the one-year full-time of study in Genomic Medicine for the degree of Master of Research shall consist of three modules and a research dissertation.

 Knowledge of research methods (taught element)

Each module shall be examined by assignments of 2,500 to 3,500 words, or assignments deemed their equivalent by the Degree Committee.

The taught element is worth 30% of the total assessment of the degree.

Key Information

12 months full-time

Study Mode : Taught

Master of Research

Department of Medical Genetics

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Dates and deadlines:

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Sept. 4, 2023
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May 16, 2024
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Oct. 1, 2024

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Jan. 4, 2024
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Oct. 11, 2023

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