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Postgraduate Study

A Master of Research degree prepares prospective PhD candidates for doctoral research in a specific area. A programme of projects, seminars and lectures is offered in an area of research and can be tailored to help the student identify a specific PhD topic. Some programmes are designed to allow students to gain a breadth of experience across a range of multidisciplinary approaches to a particular topic.

An MRes has a major research element, which may take the form of a number of short projects in rotation that you write up for assessment. It may also involve a menu of taught elements, providing training in a variety of general and discipline-specific research methods.

The MRes is generally offered as part of a four-year doctoral programme. In these four-year programmes, the MRes is offered ONLY in conjunction with the PhD. Continuation to the PhD is subject to satisfactory performance in the MRes and the identification of a suitable topic and supervisor.

MRes course search

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