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Nuclear Energy is no longer accepting new applications.

As an outward-looking young engineer with a clear ambition to tackle climate change, I wanted to learn in an international environment on a topic that I believed will play a big role in the clean energy transition – nuclear energy. The MPhil programme in Nuclear Energy at the University of Cambridge covered everything on that checklist.

I enjoyed how the course was not solely theoretical but had a very broad perspective on nuclear energy, in particular the policy, business, and societal aspects in the 21st century. The course also organizes many field-trips and is a platform to meet many interesting people from the industry.

After graduating I started working as a research project leader at the Belgian Nuclear Research Centre, collaborating in nuclear fuels research and irradiation experiments. I am grateful to the MPhil as it was the ideal preparation. Next to the career support team at Cambridge, I also received much guidance and help from my supervisors within the MPhil.

Finally, Cambridge is also a lot about fun. I was able to try out many different sports, and I’m happy to have met all the interesting people, from course and college alike.

Simon Billiet (2020-21) (April 2023)

As I became aware of the vital role of energy, I quickly got convinced that Nuclear Energy could bring invaluable benefits to our societies while solving many pressing issues. I also had a strong motivation to discover the UK, and studying in Cambridge to develop an in-depth understanding of Nuclear Power made perfect sense. Hence the MPhil programme in Nuclear Energy, which appealed to me with the wide range of disciplines it covered. And I wasn’t disappointed!

Throughout the year, I truly enjoyed the quality of the various courses as it enabled me to navigate the different perspectives of this multifaceted subject. I am also thankful for the personalised curriculum and support from the Department team. The field trips were definitely a plus, to get an idea of what the very unique Nuclear Industry looks like. In addition, a privileged networking system allowed me to discuss current developments in the sector with experienced Industry Members. 

Presently, I am working at TotalEnergies, where I learn about other energies and the global energy scene, and I can’t be grateful enough for the insights acquired during my time in Cambridge: an international perspective and solid fundamentals provided by the lessons of Nuclear Power.

Marion Wales (2021-22) (April 2023)

As a climate-concerned physicist, I'm driven by the need to find sustainable and reliable ways to produce clean energy. Nuclear energy is the only viable solution that can help us achieve this goal, regardless of the weather or a country's topography. However, the technology has experienced challenges in really taking off.

That's why I decided to enrol on the MPhil programme in Nuclear Energy at Cambridge, the only master's course that addresses the multifaceted challenges of nuclear energy head-on. In addition to in-depth lectures on reactor physics and engineering, we also had the opportunity to visit a facility where nuclear fuel is manufactured, as well as an operating nuclear power station. These immersive experiences helped to bring the concepts we learned to life.

The MPhil programme in Nuclear Energy opened doors for me in the energy industry, aiding me to secure multiple job offers. But more importantly, it opened the door to further study and research. I'm now six months into a PhD program with the nuclear research group at Cambridge and I’m finding the knowledge and skills I developed during my MPhil studies to be invaluable.

Jamie Edwards (2021-22) (April 2023)

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11 months full-time

Study Mode : Taught

Master of Philosophy

Department of Engineering

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