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While exploring Korean Studies postgraduate options, Cambridge’s program stood out for its specialization in modern Korean history and international relations. After arriving, it far exceeded my expectations. In the classroom, our professors attentively listened to our research interests, reflected them in the content of the classes, and facilitated lively debates. Outside the classroom, they gave us supervisions where we received detailed feedback on our work. One of the highlights of this academic year was the annual Ra Jong-il Lecture, where we had the chance to hear from Former South Korean Prime Minister Chung Sae-kyun, then have dinner together. Another highlight was the Korean Wave event which brought distinguished scholars, diplomats, and movie director Kang Je-gyu to campus. The director generously made time to talk with students and getting to ask him questions about his career, the Korean film industry, and the future of Hallyu was insightful as well as inspiring. These experiences complemented in-class learning and allowed me to advance my Korean. 

Complementing my coursework, my college community gave me innumerable opportunities to learn from peers over meals in our dining hall, on the sports pitch, and in our library. What made me grateful for my Cambridge experience was the interdisciplinary and holistic nature of the education. This year was invaluable for challenging and developing my understanding of Korea’s history, culture, politics, and international relations while cultivating my research and communication skills.
Addie Gerszberg (April 2023)

I chose the course because I wanted to use the languages (Chinese and Korean) I had learnt as an undergraduate to really dig into my topic of interest: North Korea. The course offered me the space to do that, whilst also equipping me with the necessary deep background and context of the region’s recent history which I still regularly dwell on today as a journalist in Asia. The Cold War in East Asia class, in particular, was immensely stimulating and full of useful discussion and debate. Of course, at Cambridge, it’s not just about what’s on the curriculum. Our classes benefitted massively from being jointly taught by two very engaging lecturers, and by having a diverse student body of everyone from North Korean exchange students to western military officers. So much of what you learn at Cambridge happens outside the classroom too. It is no exaggeration to say that all those formals spent engaging or debating with senior experts and academics over dinner helped prepare me for life as a foreign correspondent where remaining cool-headed and well-informed in front of heads of state and high-level sources is paramount!

James Pearson (Hanoi Bureau Cheif, Reuters, and co-author of 'North Korea Confidential) (September 2012)

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