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Politics and International Studies is no longer accepting new applications.

The MPhil POLIS course has managed to surpass and exceed the high expectations I had for such a life-changing program. This year has undoubtedly been such a fulfilling and rewarding experience and it is a beautiful feeling to be able to wake up every day, excited and motivated by what lies ahead. The best part of the MPhil POLIS course is the interdisciplinary approach to studying international politics, as well as the unique mix of research and taught elements. There is room for flexibility, to explore new pursuits and as students we are granted the incredible opportunity to learn from world-renowned academics and experts who have so much knowledge and wisdom to share. To be in a city like Cambridge is a fantastic freedom and there is a unique pleasure in being a part of a university that has established itself as a leading institution worldwide. There is also a beauty in being a part of a cohort of such bright, talented, and vibrant individuals with whom you share classes with, dissertation struggles, and everything in between! There is inspiration that can be drawn from your course mates that is incredibly special and adds to the magic of MPhil POLIS. Time and time again, I am in awe of everything this course has to offer and the growth and personal development I have experienced in a matter of months. There are certainly challenges one could face in such a rigorous course but that is not to take away from what you will gain along the way. When I leave Cambridge, I know I am leaving with all I had hoped to accomplish when I first started back in October: wonderful memories of such a special year and a solid foundation for my future as I move onto my next pursuit. It doesn’t get much better than that.”  

Elizabeth Onibokun (April 2022)

The MPhil in International Relations and Politics was an intensely challenging and rewarding experience—intellectually, professionally and personally.

First, the student cohort was impressive—drawn from all over the world, many with political, legal or civil service backgrounds, and much else besides. Discussions on peace keeping or terrorism took on immediate applied significance through the presence of current members of the British Armed Forces also undertaking the degree. The coursework in the early stages provided theoretical and methodological rigour, and there was a broad range of courses on offer—something for the historically-minded, or those interested in international relations, law, or comparative politics.

When it came time to focus on my own research, I had the opportunity to be supervised by and work with one of my academic idols. I developed a really substantial project that I have now carried through into a PhD at the LSE, and am looking to publish in a journal as soon as possible. Further inspiration was never far away, either: there were so many talks and events at POLIS and all over town that you could forget to get anything done if you weren’t careful.

In short, Cambridge and POLIS combine to produce a perfect environment for study. For the bookish, the University Library is a wonderful place, and Cambridge itself is a beautiful town. Despite the mess of the COVID-19 pandemic, which changed the second half of the academic year dramatically, I’ll continue to look back fondly on the MPhil at POLIS and Cambridge.

David Threlfall (July 2020)

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9 months full-time

Study Mode : Taught

Master of Philosophy

Department of Politics and International Studies

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