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I pursued a three-year undergraduate degree in chemistry, which gave me a solid theoretical foundation in the subject. While I did undertake multiple summer internships and research projects for a more hands-on experience in the discipline, I felt that I needed more exposure to research before committing myself to a doctoral program. The MPhil at Cambridge was a perfect fit for me as it allowed me to spend a significant amount of time (10 months) working on a research question independently. Not only did I thoroughly enjoy the experience, but I also felt confident enough to pursue a PhD. I am grateful for the tremendous support from the college and the department beginning with orientation and many welcome gatherings, to various graduate training courses and networking sessions year-round. I have also had the opportunity to present my work at a graduate conference at my college, which was a very encouraging and rewarding experience. Life at Cambridge can be quite fast-paced with exciting work and interesting events and a year passed by quite quickly. As an international student, the University has been warm and welcoming, and it has proven hard to leave, as evident from my continuing as a PhD student in the chemistry department.


Surabhi (April 2019)

Before arriving at Cambridge, I had never set foot in Europe. Nervousness quickly faded into excitement as I was introduced to a network of people spanning my lab, department, and college. Choosing to further my studies at the University of Cambridge allowed me to grow as a scientist through the interactions I had with scholars from every corner of the world.

Within this leading international institution, you will naturally run into people from all types of cultures and backgrounds. In the lab, I chat with desk neighbours who come from Germany, Israel, South Africa, and China, and it is not uncommon to find friendly discussions on the current socio-political climate while we conduct our experiments. These conversations move into the evening hours as the department puts on events such as peer-to-peer socials and thesis submission parties. You will find that every day is a new opportunity to form and build relationships with someone new.

As research rarely goes as planned, Cambridge offers countless activities outside of the lab to provide a refreshing change of scenery. Within my first year, I practiced my Italian while presenting my research in Pavia to Collegio Ghislieri, networked with other students at Trinity College Dublin during the Scholars’ Dinner, and represented Cambridge while rowing in Xi’an China against 21 other schools. Each of these experiences formed new life-long friendships while redefining my time in a PhD. 

The life I found at Cambridge dispelled the stereotypes often associated with chemists stuck in the lab working and not speaking to anyone; instead, I ended up developing the most as a scientist through the day-to-day socialising with some of the brightest minds around. Regardless of your hometown, you will find a family eager to meet you at Cambridge!

Ryan (April 2019)

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12 months full-time

2 years part-time

Study Mode : Research

Master of Philosophy

Department of Chemistry

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