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Postgraduate Admissions

The French department was the most important part of my time at Cambridge. Through the department, I gained access to a whole range of resources, including funding for lengthy research trips to Paris, support for conference organization, and a structured professional development programme. Even more important than this professional support was the intellectual generosity which characterises the department. Not only did I have access to close dialogue with experts in twentieth-century philosophy, but I also benefited immensely from considerate advice given by specialists in a diverse range of fields – from contemporary film to nineteenth-century fiction, from medieval literature to early modern thought. This type of generosity and attentive engagement marked my whole experience of the department. I saw this continuously in the commitment, rigour and abundant support offered to me by my supervisor; but also, in the dedication and respect shown by academic and administrative staff to students, as well as the exuberant and stimulating atmosphere among the graduate students. This generosity makes the department a wonderful intellectual community and a nurturing and stimulating environment to pursue a PhD.

Cillian Ó Fathaigh (April 2020)

MML provided a lively research environment, both in the well-frequented Graduate Centre and in the various student-led graduate seminars and conferences. My supervision was both extremely rigorous but also empathetic and supportive. Between the University Library, MML and the College libraries the range and amount of research materials available was invaluable for my thesis.

Since completing my thesis, I am currently teaching at the École Normale Supérieure de Lyon, an opportunity organised by the department to spend time gaining experience in research and teaching abroad.

Adrian May (April 2015)

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