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Postgraduate Admissions

Course closed:

Holocene Climates is no longer accepting new applications.

Funding Opportunities

There are no specific funding opportunities advertised for this course. For information on more general funding opportunities, please follow the link below.

General Funding Opportunities

Fees and Maintenance

My fee status is:

I shall have the following financial dependants:

Your Estimated Annual Commitment:

Component Cost
University Composition Fee £12,159
Maintenance £13,595
Additional Costs £600
Total Annual Commitment £26,354

Residential School

The £600 additional cost relates to a compulsory Residential School, away from Cambridge, which will consist of an intense few days of individual and group learning, focused on developing and sharing ideas in a setting where the theories and processes taught during the programme can be seen and experienced in the field.

Dissertation fieldwork away from Cambridge is optional, but where a student selects a dissertation topic that might require such fieldwork for periods of time, and thus incur additional expense, these costs will have to be met externally.  This might be through applying for College bursaries, for fieldwork funds from Charitable Trusts or through private sources and/or fund-raising.

Key Information

11 Months full-time

Master of Philosophy

Department of Geography

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Dates and deadlines:

Applications open
Sept. 1, 2020
Application deadline
March 31, 2021
Course Starts
Oct. 1, 2021

Some courses can close early. See the Deadlines page for guidance on when to apply.

Graduate Funding Competition
Dec. 3, 2020
Gates Cambridge US round only
Oct. 14, 2020

These deadlines apply to applications for courses starting in Michaelmas 2021, Lent 2022 and Easter 2022.

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