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Postgraduate Study

I have been awarded an MRC DTP PhD studentship for my PhD at the MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit (CBU), where I work on the neural mechanisms underlying audio-visual integration for speech perception. The aim of my PhD research is to better understand the brain responses associated with successful audio-visual integration in order to inform the development of training or rehabilitation programmes for individuals with hearing loss. The CBU is the ideal place for my PhD project, providing specialist technical support and neuroimaging equipment as well as a great atmosphere for learning from world-class scientists and fellow students.

Outside of my department, MRC DTP’s cohort-building training and networking programme particularly appealed to me when I applied. It provides the opportunity to build my technical research skills while meeting students from outside of my department to learn about research outside of my own immediate area, for example in attending the first-year introductory R course and disseminating research findings to a diverse audience as part of the annual symposium. Additionally, the MRC DTP also provides generous funding for research costs and career development opportunities – personally, I hope to extend my PhD by three months to pursue an internship outside of academia later on in my PhD.

During my first year in Cambridge so far, I have benefitted from studying and working in a friendly and highly supportive environment. Both my department and the MRC DTP put a great emphasis on student training and welfare, as well as career development. There is always a myriad of opportunities available to get involved in and everyone is very approachable and generous with their time. I am optimistic that by the end of my time in Cambridge I will be well-equipped to pursue a rewarding career. 

Jacqueline Von Seth (June 2022)

I applied for the MRC-DTP programme as it gave me the flexibility to find a PhD project I was passionate about anywhere within the Clinical School. The programme provided training in bioinformatics and statistics which provided a key foundation in my first year. Additionally, the MRC flexible supplement provides additional funding towards training opportunities. I was awarded this additional funding to complete the EnterpriseTech programme, focusing on developing entrepreneurship skills and understanding of early-stage business development whilst working with a start-up. The MRC-DTP programme has enabled me to pursue every opportunity during my PhD and I would not have been able to complete this work without their support, training and funding. 

Christabel Boyles (June 2022)

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