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Postgraduate Study

Course closed:

Architecture by Thesis is no longer accepting new applications.

Apply using the Applicant Portal

The Apply Now button on the right will take you to the Applicant Portal. There, you can create and submit your application and supporting documents, and you can also request your references.

An application is only complete when:

  1. you have submitted your application and supporting documents via the Applicant Portal
  2. you have paid the application fee if applicable. For further information on application fees, and which courses require an application fee, see here.
  3. your referees have provided their references.

If you miss the deadlines specified in this section, you will not be able to submit your application.

Before applying to this course, please consider the MPhil in Architecture and Urban Studies (MAUS), which is our standard Masters degree in Architecture. The MAUS course provides both an outstanding academic qualification in its own right and a track to a PhD. We, therefore, advise applicants to apply for MAUS in the first instance. 

If you do meet the course requirements, you are recommended to consult the list of our established University Teaching Officers (UTOs) and their research interests. If one of our UTOs has research interests relevant to your own, please email them directly with a short research proposal of about 300 words, an example of your writing and a CV to determine whether they are potentially available to work with you as a supervisor before you make a formal application. Please see the following link for details.

You are recommended to only make a formal application via the University’s Postgraduate Admissions Office once an established UTO has confirmed that they would be interested to consider a formal application. Do not assume that you will be made an offer on the grounds that your prospective supervisor has suggested you make a formal application – this just represents the first stage of admission administration.

Decisions are usually made in time to meet the funding nomination deadline. Please note that your admission is subject to final approval by the University's Postgraduate Admissions Office.     

Selection Process

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. All shortlisted applicants will be interviewed (remotely) by the proposed supervisor and one other academic from the Department. Applications are normally considered by the Department within 12 weeks. Many applicants will receive a decision earlier than this.

See here for information on what happens after you have applied.

Further information on How To Apply

Things You'll Need

In order to apply for this course you'll need to think about getting a few things ready before you apply.

  • Two academic references  
  • Transcript  
  • CV/resume
  • Evidence of competence in English  
    If required - you can check using our tool
  • Research proposal (M)
    The Research Proposal should be between 1,000 - 1,500 words and consist of a question and a hypothesis, a literature review, a statement on method, and key references.
  • Sample of work (1)
    This could be an essay from your undergraduate course, a chapter from your undergraduate dissertation, or any piece of writing that demonstrates your ability of research or familiarity with your area of interest.
  • Proposed Supervisor (M)
    You should get in touch with a Supervisor to discuss your research proposal and whether they are willing to Supervise, you before applying. For more information on finding a Supervisor, see below.

Gates Cambridge Scholarships

If you wish to be considered for a Gates Cambridge Scholarship you will also need to provide the following:

  • Gates Cambridge Reference  
  • Research Proposal (PhD applicants only)

See Gates Cambridge for more information.

How to Find a Supervisor

Students applying for the MPhil in Architecture by Thesis should begin by identifying a supervisor. A list of members of staff and their research interests in the Department can be found on the Department website. Having identified a potential supervisor, the candidate should contact them with a research proposal and have a discussion by email to try to identify whether they are willing and able to supervise them. Very often the potential supervisor will advise on how a research proposal might be developed or improved. It should be noted that we can only accept candidates who have identified a potential supervisor in the Department who is willing to work with them.

Key Information

9 months full-time

1 year and 9 months part-time

Study Mode : Research

Master of Philosophy

Department of Architecture

Course - related enquiries

Application - related enquiries

Course on Department Website

Dates and deadlines:

Applications open
Sept. 4, 2023
Application deadline
Jan. 4, 2024
Course Starts
Oct. 1, 2024

Some courses can close early. See the Deadlines page for guidance on when to apply.

Course Funding Deadline
Jan. 4, 2024
Gates Cambridge US round only
Oct. 11, 2023

These deadlines apply to applications for courses starting in Michaelmas 2024, Lent 2025 and Easter 2025.

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