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Postgraduate Study


University Composition Fee

The University Composition Fee (UCF) covers the cost of the teaching, supervision, student support and facilities you receive and have access to, from the University and your College.

The value of the fee is dependent on your course and your fee status. See the Fees Table below for details of costs in 2024/25.

You are liable to pay the UCF for the following minimum number of research terms:

Qualification Terms (full-time) Terms (part-time)
PhD, CPGS 9 (3 years) 15 (5 years)
MLitt, MSc 6 (2 years) 10 (3⅓ years)
MPhil 3 (1 year) 6 (2 years)

Payment of fees

The University Composition Fee is collected by your College, along with any College-related living costs - for exampe, accommodation rent, food taken in College etc. Your College will invoice you for the payment at the start of term, or just before the start of term.

Master of Advanced Study courses, which are equivalent of a fourth undergraduate year, are treated as undergraduate courses for fee purposes, and therefore overseas students are also charged the undergraduate College fee not included in the fee table below.

The College will make clear to you how these payments are to be made and by what deadlines. Some Colleges collect the fees for the whole year at the beginning of the course.

Fees table for 2024/25