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Postgraduate Study

6 courses offered in the Faculty of Economics

This degree is suitable for students with an undergraduate degree in economics who wish to apply for the PhD. It provides a solid foundation for the PhD programme and involves a thorough study of the core areas of economics and the exploration of one area in detail in order to begin the process of choosing a PhD research topic, for those who wish to pursue further study.

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This degree is for students with an undergraduate degree in economics who are interested in undertaking a master's degree that will give them the technical training required to undertake a career as a professional economist working for, say, the UK Government Economic Service, or an economics consultancy.

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This is the most advanced programme of postgraduate studies in Economics at Cambridge which offers the opportunity for detailed research on a specific topic within the broad field of Economics under the supervision of leading experts.  The Faculty also appoint research advisers who will typically complement the supervisor’s area of expertise.  For example, a thesis which covers both theoretical and empirical aspects of a topic may have a supervisor who is expert in the theory, and a research adviser who is an econometrician with knowledge of the statistical problems of empirical research in this area. 

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Upon its completion, candidates are awarded a PhD degree for producing a thesis of high-quality, original, and publishable research.


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The Advanced Diploma in Economics is a degree for students whose first degree contains little or no economics but who have good training in mathematics. It provides a qualification equivalent to a second bachelor's degree in economics and can be used as the basis for master's-level training in economics.

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The course aims to expand the knowledge of a diverse set of students who already have good undergraduate degrees in economics or related fields with the tools of data science to handle and interpret large quantities of data.

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This degree is for students with an undergraduate degree in economics. It is an intensive course combining advanced study and research which places particular emphasis on economic coverage of financial themes and is tailored for people with one year or less of work experience. Students undertaking the course might be expected to go on to work in a number of sectors, such as the financial sector, banking sector, research institutions, or consultancies.

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