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Postgraduate Study

2 courses offered in the Faculty of Classics

Primarily a training in research but also designed to complement and complete undergraduate study in Classics, teaching for this course is provided in the form of seminars, lectures, classes and individual supervised study.

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The PhD is a three to a four-year research degree, examined by a thesis of up to 80,000 words. Candidates work independently and closely with their supervisor, a senior member of the Classics Faculty, and also have a secondary supervisor. Classes are provided in specialist research skills (eg epigraphy, palaeography, numismatics, Linear B and German). When appropriate you are encouraged to work away from Cambridge, perhaps to undertake fieldwork or study manuscripts in libraries abroad.

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Department Members

Prof. R G Osborne
Head of Department

  • 37 Academic Staff
  • 14 Postdoctoral Researchers
  • 118 Graduate Students
  • 279 Undergraduates

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