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Postgraduate Admissions

14 courses offered in the* Judge Business School

The MBA is taught through a blend of workshops, seminars, lectures, small group work, group discussion, presentations and experiential learning.

Progress logically through a 'micro to macro' pathway, starting with the fundamental disciplines of business and team building, through to team leading skills, and organisational impact.

Tailor your MBA through 'Concentrations', Summer Term activities, plus student-led activities and sector sector-related elements of the Career Development Programme.

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The Cambridge Executive MBA is a 20-month programme delivered over 16 weekends and four week-long sessions, across five terms. It is designed so that you can continue working whilst earning a Cambridge degree. Between study periods in Cambridge, participants are fully supported and engaged in the programme through the virtual learning environment (VLE), our online learning platform.

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The programme enables students with significant experience at the senior executive level, typically in the region of 20+ years, to demonstrate an intellectual achievement at the highest level and thereby become better, more effective and more reflective leaders. Students will carry out high-calibre impact-orientated research that is of particular relevance for experienced senior managers at the highest level of the management profession. The degree is relevant to practice, facilitating transformational leadership in organisations. The BusD also emphasises continuing, life-long education.

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The Cambridge Master of Finance provides an academically rigorous and commercially relevant master's level degree in finance combined with excellent resources to support career development.

The Master of Finance has been designed in consultation with the banking and finance industry and provides first-class training for ambitious and successful finance professionals wishing to strengthen their existing knowledge of finance. 

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The MPhil in Finance is an intensive, research-focused, and advanced degree. The programme is distinctive because the electives are drawn from three Cambridge faculties – the Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Mathematics, and Cambridge Judge Business School. The programme is particularly suitable for those intending to continue to a PhD at Cambridge or elsewhere. The programme also provides a strong academic background for those opting for a career in finance, but it is not designed to be a vocational programme. In the past few years, our graduates have been admitted into PhD programmes in finance and accounting at MIT, LBS, and Cambridge. Students have two options: nine taught modules, or six taught modules and a dissertation of 12,000 words.

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The MPhil in Innovation, Strategy and Organisation (ISO) is an intensive nine-month master's degree combining advanced study and research.

The MPhil ISO programme has been designed for students seeking to extend their knowledge of social science methodologies and their application to the interdisciplinary study of organisations. The MPhil ISO programme is oriented to those seeking to prepare for a career in academic research.

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The MPhil in Management programme is a nine-month, intensive course aimed at giving talented graduates the foundations needed for a successful career in management.

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The PhD Programme at Cambridge Judge Business School is designed to prepare students for an academic career in a business school. It develops PhD students who challenge conventional wisdom and advance knowledge through innovative theory and empirical research leading to publications in top-tier journals.

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The MRes/PhD Programme at Cambridge Judge Business School is designed to prepare students for an academic career in a business school. It develops PhD students who challenge conventional wisdom and advance knowledge through innovative theory and empirical research leading to publications in top-tier journals.

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The Master of Accounting is a 24-month programme delivered over eight-week-long teaching blocks in Cambridge. Between visits to Cambridge, you continue to be engaged in coursework through the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).

The purpose of the Master of Accounting is to develop next-generation global thought-leaders in the field of financial information. Stepping into this role will require you to:

  • Make complex decisions in the face of ambiguity relying on knowledge of accounting standards, judgment, and discretion
  • Formulate questions, gather data, apply statistical techniques to that data, and persuasively communicate resulting insights
  • Anticipate and incorporate innovation

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The Master of Studies in Entrepreneurship is an academic programme focussed on developing impactful entrepreneurs.

The Masters in Entrepreneurship programme teaches you the knowledge and skills you require through a combination of online courses and practical activities that include hands-on workshops and seminars by industry practitioners. We combine an academically rigorous curriculum with a learning-by-doing approach facilitated by mentors, peers and industry practitioners.

Our cohort consists of nascent entrepreneurs looking to jump-start their business, and more experienced entrepreneurs who have achieved some success but crave a deeper understanding of the drivers of success. We also welcome intrapreneurs who seek to understand how they can better utilise the principles of entrepreneurship to drive their organisations forward.

Our students come from diverse backgrounds but are connected by a common desire to learn from each other, take responsible action and contribute to a special community of entrepreneurs at Cambridge Judge Business School.

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The Master of Studies in Social Innovation is a part-time postgraduate programme for practitioners in the business, public and social sectors who wish to design and lead innovative solutions to pressing social issues. The programme will be delivered over two years by Cambridge Judge Business School through online delivery and residential weeks in Cambridge. 

In recognition of the fact that social innovation cuts across sectors and types of organisation, the programme is aimed at middle and senior-level leaders operating in all sectors of the economy – including firms, public bodies, NGOs and social ventures – who wish to build on their experience and expertise to collaborate with others to create social change. 

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The MPhil in Strategy, Marketing and Operations prepares students without prior research experience for PhD-level research in the fields of strategic management, marketing, operations, or organisational behaviour. The course provides advanced quantitative methodology training, and assumes degree-level mathematics training in linear algebra, calculus and statistics, as provided by engineering, economics, statistics, operations research, computer science, physics or mathematics degrees.

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The MPhil in Technology Policy provides a deep training in the conceptualisation, analysis, and assessment of the way in which technologies emerge and create value for society. It focuses on the governance of science and technology in areas such as energy, health, ICT and transport. The MPhil addresses key societal challenges such as how to stimulate the development of new technologies, how to make technology choices, and how to regulate unintended consequences of technical change. The aim of the programme is to produce future leaders in policy-making institutions or businesses which interact closely with government and the science base in innovation.

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4 courses also advertised in the Judge Business School

From the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership

The Master of Studies (MSt) in Sustainability Leadership is a full Master’s degree, delivered part time over two years for working professionals. It is part of the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership's (CISL) mission to empower individuals and organisations to take leadership to tackle critical global challenges.

It is fully accredited by the University of Cambridge, and is delivered as an interdisciplinary programme by CISL, in association with the Departments of Architecture, Engineering, Geography, Land Economy and the Cambridge Judge Business School.

Both academic excellence and practical application in a business context are prioritised in the competitive selection process, and in the design and delivery of the programme. Assessment is through short practical assignments and an extended research dissertation. 

The programme has been running since 2010, and attracts an exceptional calibre of senior and mid-career leaders from all across the world, and a range of business sectors. Applicants may wish to formalise their credentials as sustainability professionals, or gain a better understanding of how sustainability risks and opportunities apply to mainstream business functions. We likewise appeal to leaders from the not-for-profit or public sectors who wish to work together with the private sector to address sustainability challenges.

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