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Postgraduate Admissions

About the Department of Pharmacology

The Department of Pharmacology admits 12 - 15 graduate students per year and offers comprehensive facilities for research in a modern building located in the centre of Cambridge and well-equipped for postgraduate training. Research Studentships to study for the PhD degree are awarded on a competitive basis and supported by the research councils, medical research charities, industrial sponsors and by University schemes. In addition to these funding opportunities, the Department also offers studentships, including The David James Studentship.

The research areas of the Department include: molecular and cellular mechanisms of secretion and neurotransmitter release; receptor cycling; use of atomic force microscopy to investigate molecular structure; molecular mechanisms of sensation; neurodegeneration; control of appetite; mechanisms controlling sleep and appetite; drug action on membrane permeability and regulation of ion channels; angiogenesis and natural products; ion channel structure and function; receptor/intracellular messenger transduction mechanisms; vascular pharmacology; and anticancer drug resistance.

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This one-year research programme is suited to those who wish to pursue research at a level beyond that of an undergraduate degree and will give a good basic training in laboratory work.

The Department of Pharmacology only admits postgraduate students to a one-year MPhil by research or a PhD course which may last three or four years according to the availability of funding.

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During this three-year research programme, students undertake a period of supervised research and are expected to submit a thesis for examination within their fourth year at the latest. Students also attend relevant lectures and seminars and participate in skills development activities.

The course does not include a one-year master’s degree. Students are provisionally registered for the first year of study. Progression beyond the first year requires performance at a sufficient level to satisfy the Departmental Postgraduate Education Committee that the student is likely to complete the PhD within the expected time.

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From the Faculty of Clinical Medicine

The Cambridge MRC Doctoral Training Programme is a partnership between the University of Cambridge and the Babraham Institute. Included as associate partners are the MRC institutes and units in Cambridge and other University Partner Institutes.

The Programme is offering at least ten fully-funded PhD studentships for projects commencing in October 2021.

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Department Members

Professor J Michael Edwardson
Head of Department

Dr Robert Henderson
Deputy Head of Department

  • 23 Academic Staff
  • 47 Postdoctoral Researchers
  • 53 Graduate Students
  • 467 Undergraduates

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