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Postgraduate Admissions



Please give details of any other scholarships, grants, loans or any other sources of funds that you have secured, or applied for, for your course at Cambridge, as well as any personal funds you are able to contribute towards the cost of your courses (e.g. income, savings, capital).

This should not include any funding that you have applied for through the application form within the Applicant Portal, such as awards through Cambridge Trust and Gates Cambridge.

This section should be used, along with the Maintenance Calculator, to help you understand the difference between the finance you have, or may have, available to you and how much your estimated minimum annual financial commitment is.

Information provided within this section will not affect the academic decision to admit you to the course.

Any information collated in this section may be used by the colleges to forecast the likelihood of your arrival in the event that you receive and meet the terms of your offer letter and are not awarded additional funding.

If you do not feel that you will have enough finance to meet your estimated minimum annual financial committment, you are advised to apply for additional funding through both the 'Funding Application' section of the application form and the Cambridge Funding Search.



If your queries have not been answered, please check the Graduate Admissions Office applicant FAQs.

If your query has still not been answered, please contact the Graduate Admissions Office directly using the contact form.