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Postgraduate Admissions


Research Council (UKRI) funding is money that comes from the Government to support research in various subject areas. With the exception of AHRC (which is allocated within a partnership of Universities), the money is allocated to students by the University as part of the admissions and funding process.

International students (EU and non-EU) will be eligible for Research Council-funded postgraduate studentships in the 2022/23 academic year - see the UKRI website Find Studentships and Doctoral Training.

Each Research Council DTP or CDT will be able to offer a limited number of studentships to international students; funding will contribute to both fees at the Home rate and a stipend to support living costs. (Additional sources of funding for fees can include contributions from the institution, co-funding partners or from the students directly).

Each Research Council-funded DTP or CDT offers studentships in a slightly different way, and you should follow the links for the appropriate Cambridge DTP and CDT websites (see below). Some Research Councils require you to propose a project, whereas others will have predetermined lists you can choose from. Further information is given below and on each of the respective websites.

Each type of the Research Council funding has a Doctoral Training Programme (DTP) associated with it, which provides studentship-holders with additional teaching to support their research and personal development.


The Arts and Humanities Research Council provides funding via a consortium model: applicants are nominated from multiple universities and ranked into a single list. Cambridge is part of the OOC DTP, the Open-Oxford-Cambridge Doctoral Training Partnership; applicants may only apply to one of these three institutions for AHRC funding.


The Economic and Social Research Council funds studentships in a range of broad social science areas:

  • Sustainability, prosperity and wellbeing
  • Inequality, equity, justice, and economic growth
  • Conflict, culture, mobility and development
  • Emerging technologies, human behaviour and productivity
  • Cognition, behaviour, language and learning

There are 26 eligible departments from across the University that take ESRC students. Find out more about the Cambridge ESRC DTP.


The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council funds approximately 60 studentships a year across Engineering, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics (Applied and Theoretical), Chemical Engineering, Earth Sciences, Computer Science and Materials Science. Find out more about the Cambridge EPSRC DTP.

A further 80-90 funded studentships are supported across the Cambridge EPSRC Centres for Doctoral Training (CDTs). Each Centre recruits on average 12 students a year in the departments mentioned above. Students can find more information and links to each of the CDTs on Cambridge EPSRC CDT.


The Medical Research Council funds approximately 15 studentships a year across the School of Clinical Medicine and School of Biological Sciences. Students are required to apply to specific projects that fall under the following themes:

  • Infections and Immunity
  • Molecular and Cellular Medicine
  • Neurosciences and Mental Health
  • Population and Systems Medicine

Find out more about the Cambridge MRC DTP.


The Natural Environment Research Council funds approximately 12 studentships a year. Students are required to apply to specific projects that fall within three major research themes:

  • Solid earth and geological hazards
  • Climate Change and environmental processes
  • Biology and conservation

Find out more about the Cambridge NERC DTP.


The Science and Technology Facilities Council funds studentships in the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, the Department of Physics and the Institute of Astronomy.