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Postgraduate Admissions


Most Colleges have funding opportunities for postgraduates, which are listed in the Student Funding Search. A number of Colleges also partner with Research Council funding and recipients of these awards will normally be transferred to the partner College; these studentships are administered via the usual Research Council processes.

There are broadly three kinds of College funding:

1. Open funding

A small handful of Colleges will accept applications for postgraduate funding without stipulating that the College must be your first (or sometimes second) preference. If awarded the funding, you will then be expected to transfer to that College. These awards will be found on the Student Funding Search and will require a separate College scholarship form to be completed and sent to the college.

2. Funding based on College preference

Most Colleges require you to state that College as either your first or second preference. Processes vary from College to College; some may automatically consider your application for funding whereas others will require you to submit an additional form. Information in the Student Funding Search will tell you what the criteria and process for applying are. There is also further guidance available on College websites, so please check there for further details.

3. Post-offer application

Some College funding is only available to those who have already accepted a place of study at that College. In these instances, applicants may either be automatically considered for any awards they are eligible for or they may be invited to submit an additional application form. You will be able to find this information on the College’s own website.