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Postgraduate Study


If you are awarded funding from one of the seven main Research Councils, you will be eligible to apply for Disabled Students' Allowances (DSAs) from your funding body.

If you are a home student funded by a body that does not have Disabled Students' Allowances or if you are applying as a self-funded home postgraduate disabled student, you might be eligible for DSAs from the Students Loan Company to help support you in your postgraduate studies while at Cambridge.

Under UK legislation, the University is required to make reasonable adjustments to make the University accessible to disabled students. In addition, funding is available from the UK government to meet the additional costs of making adjustments for most UK national disabled students.

Since each case is assessed on an individual basis, it is very important that you make your requirements known to the University at the earliest possible opportunity so that we can identify what provision you might require and how it might be funded.

You can also apply for financial assistance with disability-related expenses to the Snowdon Trust, the Disabled Students' Bursary Fund, and the International Disabled Students' Fund.

Other information on funding for disabled students is available on the Accessibility and Disability Resource Centre (ADRC) website.