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Postgraduate Admissions


Anglo-Danish Society Scholarships

These scholarships are partial awards for Danish graduates who are going to study a postgraduate degree in the UK. There are no restrictions as to the subject of study.

Director IB Henrik’s Fund

They support students who have a bachelor's degree from a Danish university or higher education institution and wish to obtain a Master's degree abroad.

Herbert Smith Freehills Entente Cordiale scholarships

They support one year of full-time postgraduate study in a British university.


This award is for students who have taken an IELTS test at a British Council centre in Germany. The award is worth between £3,000 up to £10,000.

Jansons Scholarships

These scholarships help fund study abroad for Norwegian students for up to one year.


They are a Norwegian student loan and grant-awarding body that supports Norwegian students to study overseas.

Marius Jakulis Jason Foundation

The foundation provides grants for Master’s studies at the world’s best universities. The recipient of the grant commits to working in Lithuania for an agreed period of time after finishing the studies.

St Matthias Trust

The Trust provides scholarships towards study/research that will contribute to the work of the Church of England.

World Wide Studies Grants

They offer support for Ukrainian citizens aged 35 or under to get a Master's Degree at the world's best universities.