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For information on supporting documents, please see Supporting Documentation

Q. Do I need to upload supporting documents before the funding or course deadline?

You must include all the required supporting documents with your application, and your application will not be considered without them. If the application and supporting documents are not received by the course deadline, then your application will be withdrawn.

Remember, you should submit your application form by the course deadline or by the funding deadline, whichever is the earliest date, at 12:00 (midday) UK time.

However, we recommend that you submit well in advance of the deadline, to allow time for any unforeseen circumstances or technical problems. Courses can also fill all their places before the deadline. Please note that our office is only able to answer calls between 10:00 and 16:00 UK time, Monday to Friday.

Q. How do I upload transcripts via Digitary?

Digitary is one of a number of software systems used by the University to authenticate official electronic transcripts. You may only provide transcripts via Digitary if you already hold an offer, and are sending these to meet the academic condition of your offer.

See instructions on your offer page on how to send electronic transcripts.

At the initial application stage, you must print your electronic transcripts, scan these, and then upload the documents your self-service portal.

Q. How do I know my supporting documents have been submitted successfully?

You will not be able to submit your application unless you have uploaded all the required supporting documents.

If you receive an offer, the conditions on your offer will require uploading more documents. When each condition has been met it will disappear from the 'View Offer Conditions/Comments' link on your Self-Service. Please note that it can take up to five working days for us to process uploaded documents at the post-offer stage, and even longer in busy periods. If documents are deemed not to meet the condition set, we will leave you a message on your Self-Service account.

After all conditions have been met, your admission will be confirmed.

Q. Can I delete or replace documents I have uploaded?

You cannot delete or replace documents that you have uploaded via the Applicant Portal.

If you wish to replace a document that forms part of your initial application, you must contact the department that will administer the course you are applying for. It is at the department’s discretion whether they accommodate this. We only advise contacting departments in the case of serious errors as it is the applicant’s responsibility to upload the correct documentation at the point of submission.

If, after you have been made a conditional offer, you wish to replace a supporting document you have uploaded via your Self-Service account to meet one of the conditions of your offer, you may do so by uploading the new document using the correct category. You should include an explanatory note to help us identify which document is the correct one.

If you have uploaded a duplicate document, do not worry: this will not affect your application.

Q. I am having difficulty uploading my supporting documents. What should I do?

To upload supporting documents they must be:

  • PDF documents
  • Not password protected
  • Not digitally signed or otherwise encrypted
  • 2 MB or under

For more details, see our Technical Issues FAQ.

Q. I am unable to upload my transcript due to a file upload error. What do I do?

If the following message is displayed when uploading a supporting document:

File Upload Error: Java iText Encryption test failed (20070,65)
The PeopleCode programme executed an Error statement, which has produced this message.

This means the file is encrypted, as is the case for anything that has been digitally signed. You will need to first print the document and scan it before being able to upload it.

Please note our instructions for sending electronic transcripts.

Q. The document I am trying to upload is too large. What should I do?

If the document you are trying to upload is over 2MB you will either need to compress the file (there are several free file compressors online) or split the document into multiple documents.

Q. Why have documents I have uploaded not been removed from the "documents you need to send us" list?

It can sometimes take up to 24 hours for your Applicant Portal account to be updated. Documents may not disappear from the list if you have used an incorrect document category. If this is the case, please upload them again using the correct category.

Q. I am still studying and do not have a final transcript. What do I do?

Please upload an interim transcript of your courses/results so far. Your university should be able to provide you with one. It can be an unofficial transcript at the application stage, however if you are later made an offer, then we will ask you to provide the original final transcript.

Q. Which category should I use to upload my documents?

All supporting documents forming part of your application should be uploaded via the Applicant Portal and submitted with the rest of your application.

If you are made a conditional offer, you may be required to upload additional documents to meet these conditions. You will be able to do this via your Self-Service account, which you will be provided with after receiving your offer.

It is important to upload your documents in the correct area of your Self-Service account:

  • Post-Offer (for requirements listed in "View Offer Conditions/Comments" if you are offered a place)

Once you have ensured that you are on the correct page, click Upload Documents, and the dropdown menu labelled 'Select Document Type' will contain lists of the appropriate categories.

Q. Who can certify copies of my documents?

Documents that are sent to the Postgraduate Admissions Office cannot be returned.

You can send us certified copies of your documents instead of originals, though we recommend uploading scanned copies of the originals to your self-service portal. If you need to send certified copies, you should contact the Postgraduate Admissions Office requesting a cover sheet to include with your certified copies, stating the reason you are unable to provide your documents via the Applicant Portal (if supplying your documents as part of an application) or your Self-Service account (if you have been made a conditional offer and are supplying documents to meet those conditions).

You should then send your document copies and the completed cover sheet to us in the post, bearing in mind that it may take several weeks for documents sent from overseas to reach us. If you do not include a completed cover sheet with your documents we cannot guarantee that we will be able to link your documents with your application.

A certified copy should have an original ink stamp confirming that it is a true copy of the original, together with an ink signature.

We are able to accept copies certified by:

  • the institution which issued the original document
  • a lawyer/solicitor/attorney
  • the British Council
  • a commissioner for oaths

Q. Where do I send supporting documents?

If you are still working on submitting your application, please upload the required supporting documents to the Applicant Portal. If you have an offer of admission and are required to provide documents to meet your offer conditions, please upload these to the Self-Service account. You will receive details of how to log in to this system only after you have received an offer of admission. We will not accept emailed documentation.

See the Guide to using Postgraduate Applicant Self-Service for instructions, and section 3.5 of the offer conditions booklet on how to provide the required documents.

These instructions apply to most supporting documents but different procedures should be followed for references and transcripts.

Q. Should I submit a CV?

Yes, all applicants must upload a CV (curriculum vitae or résumé) via the Applicant Portal as part of their application for admission. See our CV / Résumé page for more information.

Q. Do I need to upload transcripts for my master's course as well as my undergraduate studies?

Please upload transcripts for all degree-level courses which are relevant to your proposed field of study or research. For more information, see the Transcripts page.

Q. Can I update my transcript while my application is being considered?

No. If you were only able to send a provisional transcript when you applied, the decision on whether to offer you a place will be made on the basis of that. If you receive a formal offer of admission, one of the conditions will be to provide an original or certified copy of your final transcript.

Q. Can new achievements since submitting my application be taken into consideration?

To ensure fairness for all applicants, once you have sent your supporting documents, and your application is under consideration by the department, new information cannot be added. If you are invited for an interview, you can highlight any new research or professional experience you have gained at that stage.