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Postgraduate Study


For information, please see Deferring My Application

Q. Can I defer my place?

Deferrals are possible, to another date within the same academic year, but are at the discretion of the department which runs the course. See Deferring my Application for more details.

If you are able to defer your place, you will find this option in your Self-Service account.

Q. Can I cancel a deferral request?

A deferral request is regarded as a statement that you will not be able to attend your course on the start date specified in your offer. Therefore, requests cannot be cancelled.

For this reason we recommend you carefully consider your reasons for requesting a deferral before you do so.

Q. How does the deferral process work?

The method of requesting a deferral depends on the status of your offer and the time of year. Please see the Deferring my Application page for more details. It is strongly recommended that you carefully read the entire page before beginning the process.

Q. When will I receive a decision on my deferral request?

A deferral request must be approved by the departments or faculties which the run the course, the relevant Degree Committee, your College and the Postgraduate Admissions Office. This process can take some time. You can track the progress of your request through your Self-Service account.

Q. My deferral request was rejected, can my application be reinstated?

If a deferral request is rejected then your application will be automatically withdrawn. This is based on the understanding that you will not be able to attend your course on your initial start date and, therefore, your application cannot be reinstated.