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Postgraduate Admissions


If you intend to conduct research as part of your course which involves contact with children or adults, you may be required to obtain a check from the Disclosure and Barring Service. Your Department will determine whether a check is required for your research and this will become a condition of your offer.

If you firmly accept a conditional or unconditional offer of a place you will be contacted by the Student Registry via email advising you of how to make payment for the DBS check (unless this cost is covered by your department) and to complete your DBS application online. Paper DBS applications are no longer issued by the Student Registry.

A condition of your offer of a place at the University of Cambridge is subject to receipt of a DBS certificate. All conditions of your offer should be met before the start of term. The current fee for seeking an Enhanced Disclosure is £52.55 and £35.55 for a Standard Disclosure, but these are subject to change.

Research Passports

As a Postgraduate Student, admitted via the Postgraduate Admissions Office, you will need a Research Passport if you are proposing to carry out research in the NHS and you have no contractual relationship with the NHS. If you are unsure whether you require a Research Passport please contact the Research and Development office at the Trust where you intend to carry out your research for clarification. Further details on applying for a Research Passport can be found on the Student Registry web site.