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Postgraduate Admissions

Course closed:

Translational Biomedical Research is no longer accepting new applications.

The course is designed to provide postgraduates with a grounding in the methods and practical application of translational research.

The core of the course consists of small-group work by leading academics and teachers. Students then apply their skills and knowledge to a research placement in a world-class laboratory environment. The course covers the fundamentals of biomedical research with a particular emphasis on experimental medicine and rare diseases.

The main aims of the course are:

  • to provide students with the relevant experience to carry out focused research in the discipline under close supervision; and
  • to give students the opportunity to acquire or develop skills and expertise relevant to their research interests.

Learning Outcomes

The main objective is to provide an introduction to, and training in, a methodology for postgraduates pursuing a career in biomedical research. The course is specifically aimed at students who wish to apply basic science to medical practice. By the end of the programme students will have:

  • reached a sufficient level of theoretical knowledge to conduct and interpret translational research
  • developed a strong foundation in the fundamental skills and techniques of research into experimental medicine
  • learned how to apply contemporary research tools to clinically relevant areas of investigation
  • acquired an understanding of the complex issues associated with conducting sound clinical research/trials
  • developed the ability to be competitive in seeking support for clinical research.


Students may apply during the year to continue to a PhD on successful completion of their MPhil. Such students may need to gain a set pass mark in the MPhil examination and should refer to the relevant PhD department for further guidance.

Open Days

The University of Cambridge usually hosts its Postgraduate Open Day at the beginning of November. Visit the Postgraduate Open Day page for more details.

Key Information

10 months full-time

22 months part-time

Master of Philosophy

Department of Medicine

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Dates and deadlines:

Applications open
Sept. 1, 2020
Application deadline
April 30, 2021
Course Starts
Oct. 1, 2021

Some courses can close early. See the Deadlines page for guidance on when to apply.

Graduate Funding Competition
Dec. 3, 2020
Gates Cambridge US round only
Oct. 14, 2020

These deadlines apply to applications for courses starting in Michaelmas 2021, Lent 2022 and Easter 2022.

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