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Postgraduate Study


Please note, the facility to re-submit an application was introduced to help students unable to take up a place due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

It remains available to applicants made an offer for entry in 2022-23 but it will be withdrawn, and this page will be removed, on 1 September 2023. An offer holder who wants to take up a place in a later year will be able to withdraw and re-apply.

If you hold an offer of admission but are unable to take it up, then you may re-submit your original application materials for consideration in the next academic year. You can do so whether or not you had any outstanding conditions. The details of this process are outlined below.


Re-submission does not guarantee an offer. This will be dependent on capacity, competition, and available academic resource. Re-submitted applications will be considered against those in the re-submission year.

If you receive a new offer for admission you will be subject to the course fees and Terms of Admission of your new year of entry.


If you received an offer of funding for your original application, you should check directly with the awarding body to ask if their offer of funding can be deferred.

If you re-submit using this process, you can be re-considered for funding in the University funding competitions on condition that you re-submit your application by the relevant funding deadlines.


The applicant portal opens each September for applications for entry in the following academic year. See our website for exact dates. Re-submissions can also be made from this point.

Course information for the following academic year will also become available at this time. Before you re-submit you should check the course details in the Course Directory. Aspects of a course, including course fees, may change between years.

Once you have logged into the applicant portal, you will see a list of your submitted applications. If you received an offer for a course in the previous academic year, and this was not withdrawn, there will be a re-submit button against your original application.

If you select this option:

  • You must give your reason for re-submitting your application.
  • You can, if you wish, provide a statement outlining your reasons for not taking up your previous offer.
  • You can, if you wish, upload any relevant evidence supporting your reasons for not taking up your previous offer.

If you follow this process, any application fee will be automatically waived when you come to submit your application.

Withdrawing your original application

After re-submission, you must withdraw your original application. In most cases this can be done via your self- service account.

If you had met all the conditions of your previous offer, and this had been confirmed, we will need to withdraw your application for you. Contact the postgraduate admissions office at

Variant offers

If your previous offer did not match the course in your original application (for example, if you applied for PhD but were made an offer for the MPhil, or if you applied to Chemistry but were made an offer for Physics) you will need to contact the postgraduate admissions office at We can then amend the record after you have re-submitted your application.


You should re-submit your application by the standard course deadline, or the funding deadline if you wish to be considered for funding.

College preferences

If your existing College preference does not match the College that offered you membership last year, you are strongly advised to amend this.

Application details

Some sections of the application form may differ from your original application. Make sure that you check for changes carefully, in particular in relation to course specific questions but also equal opportunities or widening participation data.

You can update any information which has changed since your original submission (e.g. language test scores or academic results).

Supporting documentation

You do not need to re-upload any application documentation (such as CVs or transcripts) as these will be automatically included; but if you would like to update any of this material you may do so.

References will be taken from the original application, you will not be able to amend these or request new references.

Language and other conditions

If you receive an offer for admission from your re-submission and the evidence you submitted to meet any of your original conditions has expired, then you will need to provide new evidence to meet them (e.g. for your visa, ATAS certificate, language or finance conditions).

If your original language condition was met via assessment by the Language Centre, you will need to be re-assessed by the Language Centre, as that assessment is only valid for 12 months.

If your language test certificate will be more than 2 years old at the start of your programme, you will need to take a new Language Test.