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Postgraduate Admissions


Other information

To aid the assessment of your application you should use this section to differentiate yourself from other applicants by providing additional information on why you are applying to the University of Cambridge, why you are applying for this course in particular, your future aspirations and any other information that you feel may benefit your application.

This information will be used by the colleges in particular when they assess your suitability to their college.

There are character limits for each of the text-based questions in this section, but you do not necessarily need to fill these. Please be wary that if you paste text into these boxes from an external source, the text will be cut off at the point of exceeding the character limit.

There is also an approximation of how many words you have available to you in each text box; please note that this is not an exact figure.


Career goals

Use this question to provide information about your intended career goals.


Additional information to support application

Please include details of any factors which you would like us to be aware of that may have adversely affected your academic results to date, or may impact any other aspects of your application. Among others, these might be contextual factors, such as circumstances that affected your ability to fully devote time to your studies or educational disadvantage of some type.


How did you hear about the course?

Information collected from this question will be used for internal reporting purposes.


Have you submitted any additional applications?

If you would like to disclose the applications you have made to either the University of Cambridge or any other institutions, please indicate the course and university here.

This is an optional question and your answer will not affect the academic assessment of your application.

This will, however, be used by the University for internal reporting purposes which are unrelated to application assessments.



If your queries have not been answered, please check the Graduate Admissions Office applicant FAQs.

If your query has still not been answered, please contact the Graduate Admissions Office directly using the contact form.