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Postgraduate Admissions


Additional information

The information collected on this page will not affect the academic assessment of your application; however, it is required to enable the appropriate assessment of the following:

Use the above hyperlinks to familiarise yourself with the requirements of each.

About you

Information collected on gender is used for anonymous statistical reporting to ensure our Equal Opportunities and Widening Participation policies are working, and for our statutory returns to the Higher Education Statistics Agency.

It is also used to ensure that your application is sent to appropriate Colleges for consideration, and may be used by our internal funding bodies and external funding partners to determine your eligibility for any funding opportunities that are restricted or prioritised based on the characteristic of gender.

Your family

This information is required for college accommodation purposes. For additional information on colleges and their available accommodation, see the College Key Facts and Figures webpage.

If you are intend to bring a partner or child/children with you and they are financially dependent on you, this will be taken into consideration in your financial maintenance liability. To see how this may change, it is advisable to estimate your annual commitment (inclusive of composition fee and estimated maintenance), which can be checked in the 'Finance' tab of your chosen course in the Course Directory. This is, however, an estimated, rather than exact, figure.

If you intend to bring a partner who is not financially dependent on you, your financial maintenance liability will not change.

For further information on fees, see the Fees webpage.

If your queries have not been answered, please check the Postgraduate Admissions Office applicant FAQs. If the answer to your question is not in the FAQs, you can get in touch with us.